10% Rebate to Celebrate 10 Years of FXOpen - FXOpen UK


In the dynamic world of forex trading, FXOpen stands out as a reputable broker with a decade-long legacy of providing exceptional trading services to clients worldwide. To commemorate this milestone, FXOpen is offering a remarkable 10% rebate on all commissions generated during March 2015. This exclusive offer presents an opportunity for traders to enhance their profitability and celebrate FXOpen's commitment to excellence.

Understanding the 10% Rebate

FXOpen's 10% rebate initiative is designed to reward loyal traders and attract new ones by offering a significant reduction in trading costs. Eligible traders can receive a 10% cashback on all commissions paid during the promotional period, effectively lowering their overall trading expenses. This incentive aligns with FXOpen's dedication to providing traders with a cost-effective and rewarding trading experience.

Eligibility Criteria for the 10% Rebate

To participate in FXOpen's 10% rebate program, traders must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Deposit: A minimum deposit of $1,000, €900, or £700 must be made into the eligible trading account during March 2015.

  • Trading Volume: A cumulative trading volume of at least 10 lots must be generated in the eligible trading account during March 2015.

  • Account Type: The rebate is applicable to all trading accounts except for PAMM and MAM accounts.

Calculation of the 10% Rebate

The 10% rebate is calculated based on the total commissions paid by the eligible trader during the promotional period. For instance, if a trader pays $1,000 in commissions in March, they will receive a rebate of $100. This cashback will be credited to their trading account in April 2015.

Payment of the 10% Rebate

FXOpen will credit the 10% rebate to eligible traders' accounts in April 2015. Traders can easily track their rebate earnings through the FXOpen MyFXOpen portal, ensuring transparency and convenience.

Additional Considerations

While FXOpen's 10% rebate program offers attractive benefits, traders should carefully consider the following aspects:

  • Promotion Period: The rebate is only applicable for trades executed during March 2015.

  • Account Eligibility: Only eligible trading accounts qualify for the rebate.

  • Terms and Conditions: Traders should thoroughly review the terms and conditions associated with the rebate program to ensure compliance and eligibility.


FXOpen's 10% rebate program marks a significant milestone in the broker's 10-year anniversary celebrations. This exclusive offer provides traders with an opportunity to minimize trading costs and enhance their profitability. By understanding the eligibility criteria, calculation methods, and payment procedures, traders can effectively utilize this program to maximize their benefits. However, it is essential for traders to carefully consider the promotion period, account eligibility, and the applicable terms and conditions before participating in the rebate program.