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In the dynamic world of forex trading, brokers strive to attract and retain traders by offering various incentives, including cashback programs. These programs reward traders with a portion of the spreads or commissions they pay on their trades, effectively reducing their overall trading costs. AvaTrade, a well-established global forex and CFD broker, stands out with its unique cashback program known as AvaTrade Rebates. This comprehensive guide delves into AvaTrade Rebates, exploring its features, benefits, calculation methods, and overall value proposition for forex traders.

Understanding AvaTrade Rebates

AvaTrade Rebates is a cashback program that rewards traders with a portion of the spreads or commissions they pay on their trades. The rebate amount is calculated based on the trader's eligible trading volume and the applicable rebate rate. AvaTrade Rebates can significantly reduce trading costs, potentially boosting profitability for traders.

Key Features of AvaTrade Rebates

AvaTrade Rebates stands out among forex brokers' cashback programs with its unique features:

  • Tiered Rebate Rates: AvaTrade offers tiered rebate rates, rewarding traders with higher cashback percentages as their trading volume increases. This incentivizes traders to increase their trading activity to benefit from higher rebates.

  • Monthly Rebates: Traders receive their rebates on a monthly basis, ensuring a regular stream of cashback. This predictability allows traders to incorporate rebates into their financial planning.

  • Applicable to Standard and Retail Accounts: AvaTrade Rebates are available to traders with Standard and Retail accounts, catering to a broader range of traders. This inclusivity ensures that traders with varying account types can benefit from the program.

Calculating AvaTrade Rebates

The calculation of AvaTrade Rebates involves multiplying the trader's eligible trading volume by the applicable rebate rate. For instance, if a trader generates 100 lots of eligible trading volume and the rebate rate is 0.3 pips per lot, the rebate earned would be 30 pips.

Eligibility Criteria for AvaTrade Rebates

To participate in AvaTrade Rebates, traders must meet certain eligibility criteria:

  • Account Type: AvaTrade Rebates are applicable to Standard and Retail account holders.

  • Minimum Trading Volume: Traders must generate a minimum monthly trading volume to qualify for rebates. The specific volume requirement varies depending on the rebate tier.

  • Compliance with Terms and Conditions: Traders must adhere to AvaTrade's terms and conditions regarding the rebate program. These terms outline the program's rules, limitations, and any applicable fees.

AvaTrade: A Reputable and Regulated Forex Broker

AvaTrade is a well-established and regulated forex broker, offering a comprehensive range of trading instruments, competitive trading conditions, and innovative trading platforms. It is regulated by multiple reputable financial authorities around the world, including:

  • The Central Bank of Ireland (CBI): AvaTrade EU Ltd is regulated by the CBI under license number 707744.

  • The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC): AvaTrade Australia Pty Ltd holds an ASIC license (RG 466639).

  • The Financial Services Authority (FSA): Ava Capital UK Ltd is authorized and regulated by the FSA under license number 705959.

  • The Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (BVI FSC): Ava Trade Limited is regulated by the BVI FSC under license number SRO 198288.

These regulatory bodies oversee AvaTrade's operations, ensuring adherence to strict financial standards, client protection guidelines, and fair trading practices. This regulatory oversight provides a significant layer of trust for traders.

Benefits of Participating in AvaTrade Rebates

AvaTrade Rebates offers several benefits to traders:

  • Reduced Trading Costs: Rebates directly lower the trading costs incurred by traders, increasing their profitability potential.

  • Enhanced Trading Experience: The reduced trading costs can lead to a more positive and rewarding trading experience.

  • Increased Trading Volume: Rebates can incentivize traders to increase their trading volume, potentially leading to higher profits.

  • Competitive Edge: AvaTrade's rebate program makes it more competitive in the forex and CFD brokerage landscape.


AvaTrade Rebates emerges as a valuable incentive for forex traders, providing them with cashback on their trading volume and effectively reducing their overall trading costs. By understanding the program's features, benefits, and eligibility criteria, traders can make informed decisions about participating in AvaTrade Rebates and potentially enhance their trading experience. Remember, forex and CFD trading involve inherent risks, and it's essential to conduct thorough research, implement sound risk management strategies, and adhere to AvaTrade's terms and conditions before participating in any trading activity.