BDSwiss Discount Scheme


In the competitive realm of forex trading, brokers strive to attract and retain clients by offering various incentives and benefits. BDSwiss, a globally recognized broker, stands out for its diverse range of trading products, competitive trading conditions, and attractive discount schemes designed to enhance the trading experience for its clients. This article delves into the intricacies of BDSwiss discount schemes, exploring their types, eligibility, and considerations for traders.

Understanding BDSwiss Discount Schemes

BDSwiss discount schemes encompass various programs and initiatives that provide traders with opportunities to reduce their trading costs and maximize their profitability. These schemes can take different forms, including:

  • Welcome Bonuses: New traders who open an account with BDSwiss may receive a welcome bonus, typically in the form of a credit to their trading account or a percentage reduction on their initial deposit.

  • Trading Volume Rebates: Experienced traders who generate significant trading volume may be eligible for trading volume rebates, which provide a portion of their spreads or commissions back to them.

  • Loyalty Programs: BDSwiss may offer loyalty programs that reward clients for their continued engagement with the platform, providing benefits such as reduced trading costs or exclusive trading tools.

Types of BDSwiss Discount Schemes

BDSwiss currently offers two primary discount schemes:

  • Welcome Bonus: This scheme provides a welcome bonus of up to $100 to new traders who open an account and make their first deposit. The bonus amount varies depending on the deposit size.

  • Raw Account Rebate: Traders who choose the Raw Account, which offers tighter spreads but charges commissions, can earn a rebate of up to 0.5 pips per round-trip trade. The rebate amount depends on the trading volume.

Eligibility for BDSwiss Discount Schemes

Eligibility for BDSwiss discount schemes varies depending on the specific scheme:

  • Welcome Bonus: The welcome bonus is typically available to new traders who open a live trading account and make their first deposit.

  • Raw Account Rebate: The Raw Account rebate is applicable only to traders who maintain a Raw Account and generate a minimum trading volume.

Considerations for Traders

When considering BDSwiss discount schemes, traders should carefully evaluate the following aspects:

  • Trading Strategy: Ensure that the pursuit of discounts aligns with your overall trading strategy and risk appetite.

  • Scheme Terms: Thoroughly review the terms and conditions of each discount scheme to understand eligibility criteria, bonus requirements, and withdrawal restrictions.

  • Broker Reputation: Verify that BDSwiss is a regulated and licensed financial institution with a solid reputation for fair trading practices and client protection.


BDSwiss discount schemes offer traders valuable opportunities to reduce their trading costs and enhance their profitability. By carefully evaluating the eligibility criteria, scheme terms, and considerations outlined in this article, traders can make informed decisions about leveraging BDSwiss discount schemes to optimize their trading experience.