Eightcap review 2024 | Pros, Cons & Safety Ratings

Navigating the world of forex trading can be a daunting task, especially for novice traders. With numerous brokers vying for your attention, it's crucial to conduct thorough research and choose a platform that aligns with your trading goals and risk tolerance. This comprehensive Eightcap review delves into the key aspects of this popular broker, providing insights for both novice and experienced traders.

Eightcap: An Overview

Established in 2013, Eightcap is a global forex and CFD broker regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). The broker offers a wide range of trading instruments, including forex pairs, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Eightcap's trading platforms cater to traders of all experience levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Key Features of Eightcap

Competitive Trading Spreads: Eightcap boasts competitive spreads across its asset classes, ensuring that traders retain a significant portion of their profits.

Extensive Trading Instruments: With over 700 tradable instruments, Eightcap provides traders with diverse opportunities to explore various market segments.

Advanced Trading Platforms: Eightcap offers two user-friendly trading platforms, MT4 and MT5, equipped with advanced charting tools and technical indicators.

Copy Trading Functionality: Eightcap's DupliTrade feature enables traders to automatically copy the strategies of successful traders.

Educational Resources: Eightcap provides a wealth of educational resources, including webinars, seminars, and trading guides, to empower traders of all levels.

Pros of Eightcap

Regulated Broker: Eightcap's regulation by tier-1 regulators, ASIC and VFSC, instills confidence in its commitment to client safety and fund protection.

Low Minimum Deposit: Eightcap's low minimum deposit of $100 makes it accessible to a wider range of traders, including beginners with limited capital.

Competitive Leverage: Eightcap offers competitive leverage options, allowing traders to amplify their potential returns.

Variety of Trading Accounts: Eightcap caters to diverse trading styles with its Standard, Pro, and VIP account types.

Copy Trading: The DupliTrade feature empowers traders to leverage the expertise of successful traders.

Cons of Eightcap

Limited Product Range: Compared to some competitors, Eightcap's product range, particularly in the equity and cryptocurrency sectors, is somewhat limited.

No Islamic Accounts: Eightcap does not offer Islamic accounts, which cater to traders adhering to Sharia law.

Mobile App Limitations: While Eightcap's mobile app is functional, it lacks some of the advanced features available on the desktop platforms.

Overall Safety and Trustworthiness

Eightcap's regulation by tier-1 regulators, ASIC and VFSC, is a significant testament to its commitment to safety and trustworthiness. The broker's segregation of client funds from its own operating capital further enhances its reliability. Additionally, Eightcap's transparent pricing structure and adherence to industry best practices reinforce its reputation as a trustworthy broker.

User Reviews and Ratings

Eightcap has garnered positive reviews from traders on reputable online platforms such as Trustpilot and Google Reviews. Users commend the broker's competitive spreads, user-friendly platforms, and supportive customer service. However, some reviewers have expressed concerns about the limited product range and the lack of Islamic accounts.


Eightcap emerges as a compelling choice for forex and CFD traders seeking a regulated, user-friendly, and competitively priced broker. Its extensive trading instruments, advanced platforms, and educational resources cater to traders of all experience levels. While the limited product range and lack of Islamic accounts may be drawbacks for some, Eightcap's overall strengths make it a solid contender in the forex brokerage landscape.