FBS Review 2024 | Is fbs.com a Scam or Legit Broker?


In the world of online forex trading, FBS stands out as a prominent broker with over 27 million traders worldwide. Founded in 2009, FBS has earned recognition for its excellent services, including "Best FX Broker in Asia" and "Best Customer Service Broker in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East." With its strong regulatory background, user-friendly platforms, diverse trading instruments, and extensive educational resources, FBS caters to both novice and experienced traders seeking a secure and supportive trading environment.

Safety and Security

FBS prioritizes trader safety by adhering to strict regulatory standards. It is authorized and regulated by two tier-1 financial regulators:

  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC): Ensures compliance with European Union directives, safeguarding client funds and promoting fair trading practices.

  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC): Oversees Australian financial markets, enforcing consumer protection measures and upholding market integrity.

These regulatory bodies ensure that FBS operates with transparency, accountability, and a strong focus on client protection. Traders can rest assured that their funds are secure and their trading activities are conducted within a fair and ethical framework.

Trading Platforms

FBS offers a variety of trading platforms to suit different preferences and skill levels:

  • MetaTrader 4 (MT4): A popular platform known for its user-friendly interface, extensive charting tools, and automated trading capabilities.

  • MetaTrader 5 (MT5): The successor to MT4, offering advanced features like improved charting and more sophisticated order types.

  • FBS Trader: A proprietary platform designed for beginners, providing a user-friendly interface and basic trading tools.

Trading Instruments

FBS offers a wide range of trading instruments to cater to diverse trading strategies:

  • Forex: Over 70 forex pairs, encompassing major, minor, and exotic currencies.

  • Stocks: Over 100 stocks from global markets, including US, European, and Asian equities.

  • Indices: 15 major indices, such as the S&P 500 and FTSE 100.

  • Commodities: 10 commodities, including gold, silver, and oil.

Account Types

FBS offers three main account types to meet the needs of different traders:

  • Cent Account: Designed for beginners with a minimum deposit of $1.

  • Standard Account: The most popular account type, suitable for traders of all levels, with a minimum deposit of $100.

  • Zero Account: Offers commission-free trading but has wider spreads, requiring a minimum deposit of $300.

Fees and Spreads

FBS maintains a transparent and competitive fee structure, with charges primarily associated with spreads and commissions:

  • Spreads: Spreads vary depending on the instrument and account type, starting from as low as 0.9 pips for Standard Accounts.

  • Commissions: Zero Account trades incur a commission of $30 per round trip.

Educational Resources

FBS empowers traders with a wealth of educational resources to enhance their trading knowledge and skills:

  • Forex Webinars: Regularly conducted webinars covering various trading topics, led by experienced market analysts.

  • Forex Articles: A comprehensive library of informative articles delving into various aspects of forex trading.

  • Forex Glossary: A valuable reference for traders, providing clear definitions of common forex terms and concepts.

Customer Support

FBS prioritizes customer satisfaction, providing 24/7 multilingual support in over 20 languages. Traders can reach FBS via phone, email, or live chat for prompt and personalized assistance.

Positive User Reviews

FBS has garnered a reputation for its commitment to customer satisfaction, reflected in numerous positive reviews from traders.


FBS emerges as a secure, reliable, and reputable broker, consistently recognized for its commitment to client safety, competitive trading conditions, comprehensive educational resources, and exceptional customer support. With its strong regulatory background and dedication to trader success, FBS is an attractive choice for both novice and experienced forex traders.