FXOpen UK Review - CashBack & Rebates


In the dynamic realm of forex trading, where profits and losses can be magnified by leverage, even the smallest reduction in trading costs can significantly impact a trader's bottom line. This is where forex cashback rebates come into play. These programs offer traders a portion of their trading fees back, effectively lowering their overall trading expenses and enhancing their profitability. FXOpen, a renowned forex broker, stands out for its competitive cashback program, attracting both experienced and novice traders seeking to maximize their trading experience and enhance their profitability. This article dives into the intricate details of FXOpen UK's cashback program, providing a comprehensive guide for traders seeking to optimize their benefits and reduce their trading costs.

Understanding FXOpen UK CashBack & Rebates

FXOpen UK's cashback program essentially rewards traders for their active participation by returning a portion of the trading fees to their accounts. This cashback mechanism effectively reduces the overall trading costs for traders, allowing them to retain a greater share of their profits. The rebate rate varies depending on the account type selected, offering different levels of rewards to cater to diverse trading styles and volumes.

FXOpen UK Rebate Rates

FXOpen UK offers three main account types: Micro, Standard, and ECN. Each account type has a unique rebate rate that reflects the average trading volume and fee structure associated with that account.

  • Micro Account: The Micro Account is designed for beginner traders with smaller trading capital. It offers a rebate rate of 0.1 pips per round turn lot, providing a cashback incentive for even small trading volumes.

  • Standard Account: The Standard Account is a popular choice for traders seeking a balance between affordability and features. It offers a rebate rate of 0.2 pips per round turn lot, rewarding traders for their active participation.

  • ECN Account: The ECN Account is tailored for experienced traders who prefer true ECN execution with no requotes. It offers the highest rebate rate of 0.3 pips per round turn lot, maximizing the cashback benefits for high-volume traders.

Calculation of FXOpen UK Rebates

Calculating FXOpen UK rebates is a straightforward process that involves multiplying the rebate rate by the number of round turn lots traded. For instance, if an ECN account trader executes 100 round turn lots, their rebate would be calculated as follows:

Rebate = Rebate Rate × Number of Round Turn Lots
Rebate = 0.3 pips/lot × 100 lots
Rebate = 30 pips

Payment of FXOpen UK Rebates

FXOpen UK rebates are credited to traders' accounts on the 12th day of each month for trades executed during the previous month. Traders can easily track their rebates through the FXOpen MyFXOpen portal, providing a transparent and convenient way to monitor their cashback earnings.

Additional Considerations

While FXOpen UK's cashback program offers attractive benefits, it is crucial for traders to consider the following aspects:

  • Account Selection: Traders should carefully select the account type that aligns with their trading style, volume, and experience level to maximize the benefits of the rebate program.

  • Trading Volume: The rebate amount is directly proportional to trading volume. Traders who engage in higher trading activity will reap greater cashback rewards.

  • Terms and Conditions: Traders should thoroughly review the terms and conditions associated with FXOpen UK's cashback program to ensure compliance and eligibility.


FXOpen UK's cashback program serves as a valuable incentive for traders, enabling them to minimize trading costs and enhance their overall trading experience. By understanding the rebate structure, calculation methods, and payment procedures, traders can effectively utilize this program to maximize their benefits. However, it is essential for traders to carefully consider their account selection, trading volume, and the applicable terms and conditions before participating in the cashback rebate program.