How long does FBS withdrawal take?


Withdrawing funds from a forex broker is a crucial aspect of the trading experience, and traders are understandably concerned about the time it takes to receive their money. FBS, a prominent forex broker, offers various withdrawal methods, each with its associated processing time. This comprehensive review delves into the intricacies of FBS withdrawal procedures, meticulously examining the withdrawal process, timelines, and factors influencing withdrawal duration. By thoroughly evaluating these aspects, we aim to empower traders with the knowledge necessary to understand and manage their withdrawal expectations when trading with FBS.

FBS Withdrawal Process

The FBS withdrawal process is straightforward and can be initiated through the broker's Personal Area. Traders can select their preferred withdrawal method and enter the desired withdrawal amount. Once the request is submitted, it undergoes verification and processing by FBS's financial department.

Withdrawal Methods and Timelines

FBS offers a diverse range of withdrawal methods, each with its estimated processing time:

  • Electronic Payment Systems (e.g., Skrill, Neteller): Withdrawals typically reflect in traders' accounts within 15-20 minutes, but may take up to 30 minutes in some cases.

  • Bank Transfers: Bank transfers generally take 7-10 business days to process, but the exact duration may vary depending on the bank and country.

  • Card Withdrawals: Card withdrawals are usually processed within 3-4 business days.

Factors Influencing Withdrawal Duration

Several factors can influence the processing time of FBS withdrawals:

  • Withdrawal Volume: Large withdrawal amounts may undergo additional scrutiny, potentially extending processing times.

  • Verification Status: Unverified accounts may experience delays in withdrawal processing until verification is complete.

  • Bank or Payment Processor Delays: Delays may occur due to factors beyond FBS's control, such as bank or payment processor backlogs.

Tips for Expediting Withdrawals

Traders can expedite their FBS withdrawals by adhering to the following tips:

  • Verify Your Account: Complete the broker's verification process promptly to avoid delays.

  • Submit Withdrawal Requests During Business Hours: Withdrawals initiated during business hours are generally processed faster.

  • Choose Faster Withdrawal Methods: Opt for electronic payment systems for quicker processing times.

  • Contact FBS Support for Assistance: If you encounter any delays, contact FBS customer support for assistance.


FBS withdrawal timelines generally fall within the industry standard, with most withdrawals processed within a few business days. However, traders should be aware of potential factors that may influence processing times and take steps to expedite their withdrawals. By understanding the withdrawal process, timelines, and influencing factors, traders can manage their expectations and ensure a smooth withdrawal experience when trading with FBS.