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In the world of forex trading, rebates are a common promotional tool used by brokers to attract new clients and encourage existing clients to increase their trading activity. A forex rebate is a partial refund of the commission that a trader pays on each trade. Rebates can be offered in a variety of ways, such as a percentage of the commission, a fixed amount per trade, or a combination of both.

PipSafe Rebates

PipSafe is a forex rebate provider that offers a variety of rebate programs for traders. The company's rebate programs are designed to help traders reduce their trading costs and increase their profits.

PipSafe Rebates Features

PipSafe's rebate programs offer a number of features that make them attractive to traders, including:

  • High rebate rates: PipSafe offers some of the highest rebate rates in the industry. For example, the company's Standard Rebate Program offers a rebate of up to 85% of the commission that a trader pays on each trade.

  • Weekly rebates: PipSafe pays rebates weekly, which means that traders can receive their money back quickly and easily.

  • No minimum deposit or trading volume requirements: There are no minimum deposit or trading volume requirements to qualify for PipSafe's rebate programs. This means that even small traders can benefit from the company's rebates.

  • Support for a wide range of brokers: PipSafe supports rebates for a wide range of forex brokers, including some of the most popular brokers in the industry.

How to Get PipSafe Rebates

To get started with PipSafe rebates, traders simply need to create an account with the company and link their forex trading account. Once the account is linked, traders will automatically start receiving rebates on their trades.

PipSafe Rebates Benefits

PipSafe rebates can offer a number of benefits to forex traders, including:

  • Reduced trading costs: Rebates can help to reduce the overall cost of trading forex. This can be especially beneficial for traders who make a lot of trades.

  • Increased profits: By reducing trading costs, rebates can help to increase a trader's profits.

  • Encouragement to trade more: Rebates can encourage traders to trade more often, which can lead to increased profits.

PipSafe Rebates Reviews

PipSafe rebates have been well-reviewed by traders. The company has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, and it has been praised for its high rebate rates, weekly payouts, and lack of minimum deposit or trading volume requirements.


PipSafe rebates are a valuable tool for forex traders. They can help to reduce trading costs, increase profits, and encourage traders to trade more often. If you are looking for a way to save money on your forex trading, PipSafe rebates are a great option to consider.