Roboforex Daily Rebate 100% (Up to $40 USD per lot)

In Forex trading, finding ways to make extra money is the goal of every trader. The RoboForex daily rebate program offers traders a unique opportunity through which you can earn extra money on every trade. This article will take an in-depth look at the benefits of RoboForex’s 100% daily rebate (up to $40 per lot) and how you can take advantage of this to maximize your trading profits.

What is RoboForex Daily 100% Cashback?

RoboForex Daily Cashback 100% is a special Forex rebate program through which you can get an equal amount of cashback on every trade, up to $40 per lot. In other words, you will receive cashback equal to your trade volume for each trade, regardless of whether your trade is profitable or loss-making.

How to participate in RoboForex daily 100% rebate?

To participate in the RoboForex daily 100% rebate, you just need to follow these simple steps:

Register a RoboForex account and choose the account type that participates in 100% daily rebates on your trades.

During the daily rebate period, conduct transactions and complete the specified transaction volume requirements.

You will receive cash back equal to the trading volume you completed after the daily rebate event ends, up to a maximum of $40 per lot.

Advantages of RoboForex Daily Cashback 100%

Increase trading profits: The daily rebate program adds extra profits to each of your transactions, allowing you to receive cash back regardless of the outcome of your transaction.

Flexible choice: You are free to choose the type of trading account that participates in 100% daily rebate, and trade according to your own needs and trading strategies.

Simple and easy to use: It is very simple to participate in the daily rebate activity. You only need to conduct transactions on the designated account and complete the designated transaction volume requirements to enjoy the cash rebate offer.


RoboForex 100% Daily Rebate offers traders a simple, flexible and beneficial way to increase their trading profits. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced trader, you can add extra revenue to your trading by participating in daily rebates. Act now, register a RoboForex account, and start enjoying daily rebates to bring more profits to your trading journey!