Tradeview CashBack | Highest Rates

Tradeview is a well-known foreign exchange broker that provides a variety of trading tools and services to traders around the world. Among them, the cashback program is one of the important factors that attract traders. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Tradeview’s cash back program, focusing on its top rebate rates and related details.

Tradeview Cash Back Program Overview

Tradeview’s Cashback Program is an additional rewards program for traders, by participating in the program, traders can earn a percentage of cashback on every trade. These rebates are usually returned to traders in the form of cash or trading credits, which can reduce transaction costs and increase trading profits.

Maximum rebate rate

Tradeview’s cashback programs typically have different rebate rates based on a trader’s trading volume and activity level. Generally speaking, the maximum rebate rate depends on factors such as the trader's trading volume and account type. In some cases, Tradeview may offer a rebate rate of up to a fixed amount per lot or a fixed percentage, depending on the trader's trading profile and market activity.

How to enjoy the highest rebate rate?

To take advantage of Tradeview’s highest cashback rates, traders can do the following:

Increase trading volume: Traders can increase their rebate rates by increasing trading volume. Typically, the larger the transaction volume, the higher the rebate rate.

Choose the appropriate account type: Tradeview may set different rebate rates based on different account types. Traders can choose the account type that suits them to enjoy higher rebate rates.

Participate in promotions: Tradeview often runs promotions that offer additional cashback opportunities. Traders can keep an eye on these promotions and participate in them to get higher rebate rates.


Traders should pay attention to the terms and conditions of the cashback program and make sure they understand how the rebate rate is calculated and what the limits are.

The rebate rate may change based on changes in market conditions and trading activity, and traders should always pay attention to the Tradeview official website or notifications for the latest information.

If there are any questions or confusion, traders can always contact Tradeview’s customer service team for help and support.

in conclusion

Tradeview's cashback program provides traders with an additional opportunity for trading rewards. By participating in the program, traders can reduce trading costs and increase trading profits. To enjoy Tradeview's highest rebate rates, traders can increase their rebate rates by increasing trading volume, choosing the right account type, and participating in promotions.