XM vs Eightcap – Which broker is better in 2024?


Choosing the right forex broker is a crucial decision for traders at all levels of expertise. In 2024, XM and Eightcap are two prominent brokers that have attracted significant attention. This article provides an in-depth comparison of these brokers, evaluating their services, trading conditions, technological offerings, and customer support to determine which may be better suited for traders in the current market environment.

Broker Overview


Established in 2009, XM has grown to serve over 2.5 million clients from 196 countries, offering extensive trading options across forex, commodities, equity indices, precious metals, and energies.


Founded in 2009, Eightcap is known for its dedication to providing a streamlined trading experience with a focus on forex and CFDs on indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Trading Conditions

Spreads and Fees

  • XM: Offers competitive spreads starting from 0.6 pips on major forex pairs. XM is also known for its low forex fees and no fees on deposits or withdrawals.

  • Eightcap: Known for its ultra-tight spreads starting from 0.0 pips on a Raw account, which comes with a commission of $3.50 per lot.


  • XM: Provides flexible leverage options up to 1:888, which can vary by instrument and is adjusted according to the client's equity.

  • Eightcap: Offers leverage up to 1:500, which is consistent across all account types except when regulatory constraints apply.

Account Types

  • XM: Offers four main types of accounts: Micro, Standard, XM Ultra Low, and Shares Accounts, catering to a variety of trading strategies.

  • Eightcap: Provides two main account types: Standard and Raw, focusing on simplicity and transparency.

Technological Offerings

Trading Platforms

  • XM: Primarily offers MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, widely regarded for their reliability and range of features.

  • Eightcap: Also supports MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, with added customization options and integration of trading tools like TradingView.

Innovative Tools

  • XM: Features tools like the MQL5 signal service, allowing traders to copy trades from successful traders directly through MT4 and MT5.

  • Eightcap: Has incorporated innovative trading tools and features, including integration with Capitalise.ai, enabling automated trading strategies without coding.

Customer Support and Education

Customer Support

  • XM: Provides 24/5 customer support in over 30 languages, praised for its responsiveness and professionalism.

  • Eightcap: Also offers 24/5 support, with a focus on personalized service to assist traders more effectively.

Educational Resources

  • XM: Offers an extensive range of educational materials, including live webinars, trading seminars, and a comprehensive research and education center.

  • Eightcap: Focuses on educating traders with detailed market analysis, trading guides, and educational webinars.

User Feedback and Reputation

Trader Reviews

  • XM: Generally receives positive reviews for its educational resources and customer support, making it popular among new traders.

  • Eightcap: Often commended for its trading conditions and innovative technology, appealing to both novice and experienced traders.

Regulatory Status

  • XM: Regulated by several authorities including CySEC, IFSC, ASIC, and DFSA, ensuring high standards of trader protection.

  • Eightcap: Licensed by the ASIC and the VFSC, providing a secure and regulated trading environment.


Both XM and Eightcap offer robust trading experiences but cater to slightly different trader needs. XM excels in educational support and customer service, making it ideal for new traders, while Eightcap stands out for its advanced technology and competitive trading conditions, suited more for experienced traders looking for depth in forex and CFD trading.

Traders should consider their specific needs, trading style, and priorities when choosing between XM and Eightcap, as both brokers provide distinct advantages depending on the trader’s requirements.

For further details on each broker, prospective clients can visit the XM website (XM Official Website) and the Eightcap website (Eightcap Official Website).